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Yohanna Almagro

Yohanna Almagro

"Dance has always been my passion, my outlet, it´s everything to me"

Yohanna was born in Pamplona, where, at a very young age, begun her experiences in the world of dance. She began her training in urban styles (hip-hop, funky, comercial dance and break dance), even though her passion and interest in discovering new styles and learning new techniques lead her to explore other disciplines like jazz, classical dance, contemporary, flamenco, oriental dance and latin dances, such as salsa, bachata, kizomba or the rueda cubana.

“I believe that I have a very personal style. Having studied such a wide variety of styles and worked with so many incredible professionals throughout my career has given me the opportunity to pick things up from all of them and blend them with the goal of creating my own movement style.”

In 2012 she moved to London, where she made very important discoveries in both personal and professional aspects. It was precisely in this city where she found her two great loves: Dancehall and Booiaka dance styles.

“I discovered Booiaka by accident. One day, a girl came to substitute teach a Zumba class at the gym I went to in London and she taught us Booiaka. It was love at first sight. I came out of that class totally fascinated. The experience was so incredible, the emotions I felt were so amazing and I enjoyed it so much that I said to myself that I wanted to become a Booiaka teacher and make people feel the same way I did.”

After recieving her training in London, Yohanna hasn´t stopped giving classes and masterclasses, first in London and now in Spain. She is determined to make everyone discover and experience Booiaka.

Imparted courses

  • Dancehall/Ragga and Twerking
  • Yoh! Urban Jam

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