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"The only way to progress is to always keep moving"

ATS®FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studio and a Tribal Fusion dancer, as well as a Pilates Polestar® certified instructor. Audiovisual Communication graduate.

Marieta begins her Belly Dance formation in 2001, with Sonia Sampayo. Later, through Anisah, she descovers the Tribal Dance in the Saada School in Madrid, an ATS® branch that captivates her with its elegance, mysticism and group spirit. She takes regular classes, workshops and finally gets a certifications as a Saada Style Tribal Dance Teacher in 2012.  

At the same time she learns ATS® and in 2014, she obtains the ATS® General Skills (Classic and Modern) certificate from the founder of this style, Caroleena Nericcio in Great Britain. From that day forward she focuses on ATS®, giving regular classes and workshops as well as expanding her own formation.

In June, 2016 she obtains the Teacher Training® Certificate in Barcelona and becomes part of the Sister Studio®.

Eager to keep learning, she regularly assists numerous workshops and regular classes of different dance disciplines.

In 2015 she had also obtained the Pilates Polestar® Instructor Cerificate, through a course in Formación Integral, one of the most prestigious Pilates schools reknown on an international level. This formation granted her a solid base for her developement as dancer and teacher. Marieta understands the importance of critical awareness when imparting classes, in order to correctly modify the exercises to make the adequate progress.

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