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Meet our instructors. In this section you can learn about their careers and area of specialization.


Alessandra D' Ambra

Alessandra D' Ambra

"With perseverance and determination, much can be achieved, and it begins right here, releasing passion and sweat between the four walls of the dance room."

My name is Alessandra D’Ambra and I am the creator of the school together with my husband and manager of the dance center, Mohamed Sayed Aly Hassan. We have brought to life our dream with the birth of the D’Ambra Dance Project dance center. I was born in Rome in 1975 and I started my training in Classical Dance and Jazz in Martine Le Blanche´s Dance Center... Más info[+]

Crystal Silmi

Crystal Silmi

"Expression through movement can reaches where language alone can not."

Born in San Francisco (California) with both Irish (mother) and Palestinian (father) origins, Crystal Silmi holds a Cultural Anthropology degree from the Santa Cruz University. She started her studies in Oriental Dance in Suhaila Salimpour's well known dance school. Soon, she became a member of both Suhaila Dance Company and Bal Anat Company... Más info[+]




Originally ... Más info[+]

Circulo Carlos 2

Carlos Alves


B ... Más info[+]

Arturo Sanz

Arturo Sanz

"To dance is to be yourself."

Born and raised in Madrid, Arturo Sanz was first captivated by hip-hop and the urban culture in the 90s. He began his training in hip-hop and break dance in the street, inspired by the music and styles of artists like Michael Jackson, Mc Hammer, Usher or Justin Timberlake. He participated in different dance events promoted by brands like Ballantines, Brugal, etc... Más info[+]

Itziar del Val

Itziar del Val

"Work hard and dream!"

Bilbao, Itziar de Val begins her journey in dance participating in her school´s musicals, in which she discovers a great passion that inspires her to work as a dance and choreography leisure activity councelor, without knowing yet that later in her life dance would become her great love and lifestyle. With a degree in Preschool Education and... Más info[+]
Yohanna Almagro

Yohanna Almagro

"Dance has always been my passion, my outlet, it´s everything to me"

Yohanna was born in Pamplona, where from childhood she started her expirience in the world of dance. She began he training in urban styles ( hip hop, funk, commercial dance and breack dance ) even thoug her passion and interest in discovering new styles and learning new thecniques lead her to explore other horizons in the dance world as.... Más info[+]


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