Jinhee Kim at Keda Aho Madrid

Jinhee Kim is an international dancer, teacher and choreographer from South Korea. She had dicovered belly dance- which became her passion- at the age of sixteen, and later complemented her formation with other disciplines, such as ballet, modern and traditional dances. Receiving multiple awards and prizes winning various bellydance competitions around the world, Jinhee grew into a highly in-demand master teacher and performer, participating and holding workshops in multiple festivals across Asia and countries like Spain, Brasil, Egypt, Cyprus, France, Italy and more.

Jinhee believes that, since dance is ever-changing, one should never stop learning; and thus, she keeps evolving and improving her marvelous technique. As an artist that dances from her heart, Jinhee is also able to express a wide range of emotions and transmit her love for belly dance through her movements.

We are delighted to welcome her to Madrid for the Keda Aho Madrid 2020 Festival, where she will share her passion and knowledge on stage and at the workshops!

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