Mohamed Shahin at Keda Aho Madrid

Mohamed Shahin is a Master teacher, performer and choreographer resident in New York. His long trajectory and wonderful artistic work focused on the egyptian style (Raqs Sharqui) and the folcloric dances of the Middle East, turned him into one of the most renowned figures of the current belly dance panorama.

At his workshops, Mohamed shares his stellar technique, movements and combinations, creating the elaborate choreographies that have brought him to many stages all around the world and famed him as the "number one" Master teacher of this discipline. Bellydancers such as Mahaila El Helwa, Marina Shishkova y Elena Bashakova have studied with him, becoming great representatives of his style.

The students are captivated by his charming personality, complex teaching metodology and attention for detail, as well as by the communication skills that result from knowing three languages: English, Russian and Arabic.

His talent and experience- aquired since the age of 15, when Mohamed discovered his passion for belly dance- lead him to become an excellent judge at multiple International Festivals of the planet. At the same time, Mohamed is one of the founders, co-organisers, directors and instructors of the annual Raqs Of Course, a belly dance festival in El Cairo, and the organizer of the annual NYCairo Raks Festival in New York.

This year we are honored to have Mohamed Shahin in Madrid once again, at the third edition of the International Belly Dance Festival Keda Aho Madrid in 2020!

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